Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Sunday Debate

Let’s talk about the Sabbath.  What is your opinion on the way you spend it?

Growing up, I didn’t play sports on Sunday.  BUT, if I had a Choir concert  I went.  Luke thinks this is hypocritical.  {In his defense, he wasn’t always LDS.}

What do you think?

*I think that music can bring you closer to the Spirit.  Sports?  Not so much.

*Here’s my disclaimer: Whatever is said here is MY opinion. Whatever is said in the COMMENT section are OTHER people’s comments.


stevie kay said...

Growing up, even when we were inactive, we never did anything on Sundays. We were not allowed to play with friends, ride bikes, jump on the tramp, play computer or video games, etc. So sports or choir concerts would have been out, BUT I think I see what you mean. Many choral selections are about God and can be incredibly spiritual, while I struggle to see how a soccer game would be uplifting (fun, just not spiritually uplifting). I can also see what Luke means- it is a bit hypocritical to say one is fine and the other isn't.

Were we talking about an elementary aged child, I would probably discourage both. A high school aged child would have to make their own choice.

Pam said...

If no one has to pays to go to the choir concert (like a high school choir concert) Then that makes it better. In the past, we have only gone to the Sunday, Christmas concert at the high school my kids were in...that happened after church was over.

We went because it was part of the kid's report card grade at school...and it fit into the free, good Christian music guidelines we had set up, and so we went.

It felt weird and not really comfortable to go there on a Sunday, and I would have preferred for it to not be on a Sunday. We did wear our Sunday clothes, and tried to keep in our minds that it was the Sabbath day.

But if it was a pay for event, and someone has to work because of it...I would say no. If it is not in the spirit of the Sabbath day...I would say "No"

I love music a LOT, I love to go to concerts...but I DO like to keep my Sabbath day holy as much as I can. I would not ever pay to go to a concert to see on a Sunday.

I DO watch TV on Sunday...but I watch the MoTab choir, and church talks and such before church, and after church...I do not watch any sports on Sunday. It is not on our TV at all on Sunday. While a sport is a good is not a sabbath day activity.

So...I guess I side more with you....and slightly on the side of No....(unless it meets the requirements I feel comfortable with) It IS something you could take to prayer. Just my opinion. :o)

lexi said...

I didn't respond because I am torn on the subject. Keith and I differ greatly in our opinion on the subject, so it is a constant debate in our home. I was just re-reading Elder L. Tom Perry's talk from this past conference this week and he says that any activity that brings you closer to the Lord and helps you feel the spirit is appropriate for the sabbath, and likewise, anything that does not bring you closer to the Lord is not. I think this is a good measure (for me at least).
My dilemma is teaching my children to find joy in the sabbath and not look at it as a restricted day. It takes work and planning on my part, but I find when I have ideas planned to do as a family it makes it easier for them keep the sabbath holy. I want them to enjoy the sabbath, not dread or resent it.

The Lassen Family said...

I think the Sabbath needs to be special and reserved for things that help bring you closer to the Lord. We don't have much time during the week to focus on those things and I think we need to use Sunday to truly fill our spiritual reserves.

The only Sunday exceptions we have made have been a High School or college graduation, and perhaps appropriate activities when out-of-town with non-member family. (Oh, and not my choice, but the Superbowl :-)

But any regular school related activity would be out, in my opinion. Of course it is all ultimately up to each individual family and we can't judge each others' decisions. Elizabeth has a Christmas dance program every year on a Sunday. I felt like it wasn't appropriate to participate in. Jennifer Mortensen, however, (and I hope she doesn't mind me using her as an example :-) after thought and talking to her mother-in-law about it decided that it was an appropriate Sunday activity. She explained her thought process and how she came to that decision. And, though it was different from what I thought, I respected that difference of opinion.

It also changes as you grow spiritually. Choices I make now may be different than choices I have made in the past. This year we decided to forego an invitation for Easter to Greg's non-member family because we felt it was important to use the day to focus on the true meaning of Easter. At his sister's house the TV would be on and it would be fun to chat, but we can go there any other time. Even on an occasional Sunday I don't mind going there. But over time it's become more important to be together as a family and do activities that strengthen our testimonies of the Savior on Easter.

Trapper and Suzy said...

I've been out of town, so I haven't seen this post until now. Sorry! My opinion on the Sabbath is that if it's glorifying the Lord, then it's a must. If it's not, then don't. Of course, we still watch the Super-bowl. At night, when kids are in bed, Trapper and I turn the t.v. on. But after church, we eat, nap, read scriptures (we try to do it together as a family), write in journals, play games together, indexing, etc. Going out and doing things that are more of recreation-oriented, to me, is not sabbath worthy. I say these things, but I am not always perfect. It has been a work-in-progress.

Spencer W. Kimball's teachings on the Sabbath were a big eye-opener for me. I'll have to refresh myself on what he taught.

Laura said...

Growing up we were not allowed to play with friends, watch TV, swim or do the Connel and I end up watching sabbath appropriate/family movies on Sunday and going to friends or families for dinner invites. We don't feel either are breaking the sabbath. Connel grew up on a farm and there was no getting around having to work some Sundays...but he also now feels that Sunday is a good day to get a little work done, like honey-do's and repairs, but I disagree.

I would say....find a happy medium that both of you can agree on. Personally, it feels like the sabbath when I have spent time with my family and time with the Lord (not just going to church). If we are doing something that is not family or Christ oriented we try to remind each other and then try to change what we are doing...(this only happens some of the time though!!!...we are not perfect and sometimes we get put out when the other person is telling us what to do ;)

Maybe make a list together as a family of the things that you agree are appropriate Sabbath Day activities and go from that list (add things as you think of them) if you start to feel like you may be lacking that "sabbath day feeling" you could stop that activity and do an activity from the list.

Sorry that was a LONG answer! :)

Kiera said...

I never really thought of it that way, but it could be seen as hypocritical. I don't have a huge problem with sports on Sunday (as long as it's not interfering with Church and it's not every week), but that could just mean I'm not righteous enough :)