Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blogging Hiatus

I am taking a small blog hiatus for a while.  If you have anything you would like to post, let me know!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Décor via Pinterest

I love all things Christmas. There is so, SO MUCH to love.
One of the huge, most important small things is the décor.
Such an important part in decorating for Christmas. I realize that many of you may not have one, but don't fret! Anyway, I feel like the fireplace/mantle is the heart(h) of the home. Hahaha!
I like this.  This one may seem a bit intense, but for Christmas, all thoughts of gaudy is thrown out the window.  
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via befickle
Love the use of green apples! So simple.
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via http://deckthehalls-christmas.blogspot.com/
I LOVE (the idea of) this one.  There is something about the garland, lights and sign.
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via Thrifty Decor Chick
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via deckthehalls-christmas.blogspot.com
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via everythingfab.com
This skirt is pretty awesome.  I have ideas about this one…

via anwjohnston
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via bowerpowerblog.com
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via bowerpowerblog.com

I may be dying right now.  I LOVE wreaths.  This first one?  I already have the snowflakes…it’s going to be a very inexpensive craft for me!
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via teachcraftlove.blogspot.com
This one?  Beyond words:
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via bhg.com

Do you have any ideas you want to share?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pinterest in November...for December?

Yes, that's right.  Since we have already planned the rest of November (basically), we are going to start planning for Christmas. 

Pinterest to the rescue.  So much stuff, so little time!  It's not just the family gifts, but the neighbors and friends and the AMISH bread. (Oh my goodness!)  PLUS, there is some updating of our own decor...sheesh!

So here we go!

Gifts for the family:
Need to remember a birthday? 
This gift is great for Moms.  Grandmas.  Husbands.  Not their style?  Come up with something that fits them and their home.
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via the idea door

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

Therapy Sacs: sooo nice!  You could whip a bunch of them up in no time. 
or you can go HERE
I am not 100% sure what fabric is best, BUT here is a link if you are concerned with flammability.

Homemade lip gloss. What grown woman little girl wouldn't LOVE these?

found here

We do Amish Bread.  Yummy, delicious, awesome Amish Friendship Bread.  Give me a few weeks days and I'll get the recipe up.  You will seriously thank me.

Snowmen kits
We got one of these last year and it was awesome!

Cookies in a Jar:
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Munchy Crunchy Goodness

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via littlepumpkingrace


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sometimes bigger IS BETTER:
via Twig and Thistle

Other ideas?

The next challenge

So, the toy challenge has posed a bit of a problem.  It has turned in to a bit of a bigger thing. Much bigger...so I am going to have to get back to that one..and move on to the next one:
Challenge #10:  Laundry Room

I did this next one a few weeks ago.  yes, there is still a bit to go, but it's manageable.

This is what the laundry room looked like AFTER our flood in February...I don't have an after
picture as of right now, but it is cleaner ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Challenge #8

I may be many things, but quick is NOT one of them :)

I missed a few days with the 21 Day Challenge, but here are some pics of our Coat Closet:




Next:  challenge #9 Toy Organization (This one is going to be a doozy!! I'll see you in a few weeks ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great Tip to Clean Oven

Here is my stove in all its glory.  Not the prettiest picture, right?

Sprinkle Baking Soda over the entire bottom (and sides if you want). 

Wet and wring out some paper towels.  Place over the bottom of the oven. Leave over night.
Yes, you read that right.  LEAVE IT!

Day 2:  You can see that the grease has soaked through in spots.

Lift up the paper towels and wipe down well. 

Easy peasy!

It's True..really, really true!

Ok, many of you won't be as excited by this, but with as much as I use green onions..this is amazing and fast!
I used my green onions in a recipe last week and instead of throwing the roots away, I put them in water, on my windowsill..and less than a week later, voila!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pinterest in November- Plan, plan, plan

I would LOVE for you to share and link us with some of the crafts that you made last week.  I'll see what I can do about posting some of mine...if I get around to it! 

This next week, plan your Thanksgiving.  Some of you are lucky enough to have your moms still make your feast (thanks mom!), while others of you are on your own. 
Either way, here are some great ideas to help you with your Thanksgiving get-togethers
1.) FOOD
Dessert:  Why NOT start with dessert, right? 
Women’s Day had some great ideas.  Who wouldn’t want to eat Reese’s PB with choc. cookies?  These look very good..and the kids would LOVE to help you make them.
Pilgrim Hat Cookies
Pies.  Who doesn’t love a good pie recipe?  I made an apple pie a few weeks ago and it was really good…not as good as a professional, but since it was my first…ever, I was pretty excited!  Here is a link to pinterest: pie, but I’ll include some that look yumm-o to me!
Pumpkin Pie  by Paula Deen
Pumpkin Pie                                                        
and gluten free pumpkin pie
Gluten free pumpkin pie with praline and coconut pecan crust
A single pie serving (perfect for the dessert buffet) from our best bites

Apple Pie in THE APPLE-genius!

Mousse pies: from allrecipes.com
Chocolate Mousse Pie Recipe

And who says you can’t have a dessert buffet? 
Thanksgiving Dessert Buffet Amy Atlas
Thank you hostessblog for the awesome pic and idea.

MAIN MEAL:  this one is a bit harder to do.  There is SUCH a HUGE range, so I’ll just do the basics.
Turkey.  Who better to learn from than Martha herself

Here is another spot to find turkey 101

Stuffinnnnngggg.  I really like stuffiing.  I'm lucky enough to have a mom who prepares a dry stuffing and a wet stuffing.  Both are really good, but I prefer mine a bit drier, with gravy on top.

Since I don't have the recipe of hers...this will have to do:

Sweet potatoes:
These are Butter-Pecan Sweet Potatoes via Martha

Green Bean:
Cranberry Sauce:  Luke LOVES my mom's homemade cranberry sauce, but since I don't have the recipe...Martha (again) will have to do!

ROLLS:  My mom make's THE BEST rolls EVER.  But here is another good recipe ;)
Lion House rolls..yum!

Centerpieces and table settings from hostessblog
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Pinned Image
from Be Different Act Normal
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Isn't this adorable for the kids?
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image from fiskars

Anything I am missing?
I'd like to thank Pinterest for all the ideas ;)  Makes me happy. 
Until next week.