Friday, November 9, 2012

Politics and Religion

I know, I know..both very sensitive topics.  And I know that if you follow me on Facebook, that you have probably already read this...but if not?

After the election, I was upset and a bit distraught. Now, before you stop reading, it wasn’t about who was elected (although that didn’t help much), it was the judgment of others on how I parent my children.

Let me be very clear here. I am a great mother. I know that I am not perfect. I know that sometimes I let my kids stay up too late, have an extra piece of candy or watch an extra show ...
on tv. I know that I yell more often than I should. I’ve even spanked my kids ::gasp:: but I am still a great mother.

My children know who God is. They know who Jesus Christ is. They KNOW about love and service and being kind to others. They know that human life and being here on earth is a big deal. They know the Bible. They know the Book of Mormon. They have high standards. They know that watching shows/movies that aren’t good for their Spirits. Their teacher’s are impressed with them as well. At Parent/Teacher Conferences their teachers had nothing but positive things to say: Your child is such a joy to have in class, your child is always willing to help, your child is a friend to others, works well in groups, show some wonderful leadership skills…should I go on?

Their They know these things. How do you think they know them? Because we taught them that. WE TAUGHT THEM.

The point is: I am a mother. I do not say this to boast or be prideful. I say it to let naysayers know that I am not only doing the best I can, but I am reaching further and trying to make MY CHILDREN the best person they can be.

If this means that I teach them my values and principles, then so be it. They are good kids.

After reading your comments this past Wednesday, I did some serious soul searching. I thought that you were right, that I wasn’t the parent I should be. But after much thought (hours and days now). I think you are wrong.

After my daughter (almost 9) got home from school, I sat her down and here is the conversation we had:
M: Livi, I am sorry that I only told you to “vote” for Mitt Romney. That was wrong of mommy to do. What I should have done was to tell you about the different candidates and let you make your own decision. You see Livi, this is what they believe:

Mitt Romney doesn’t believe in abortion (other than in cases of rape, incest, etc-that went over her head;) or gay marriage. He believes that when you have a baby in your tummy, it is a baby and something that is a gift from God. Others want to make it ok to kill those babies.
He aslo doesn’t believe in Gay Marriage. Do you remember what being gay means? A man loves a man and a woman loves a woman. That is nice that they love each other, but just like we believe and God tuaght, that marriage is between a man and a woman, Mitt Romney also believes that.

Livi: (After thinking about it for a few minutes) I understand mom. I agree with Mitt Romney.

Me: remember, you make the choice.

You see? Yes, I only explained some social issues vs. the debt or the Benghazi attacks or the comments Obama made to Russia. I didn’t even explain that the United States would be BURRIED in debt and she would have to help take care of that. I taught her about it. About what we believe. She made the decision.

I am a good Mother. My children understand the most important things: Heavenly Father is God. Jesus Christ is the Savior. All human life is sacred. Be kind and love others. Be of service. Be. Do. What more do YOU want me to do?