Saturday, May 26, 2012

21 Day Update

I don't have any pictures to show for my time, but it is what it is.  Below I have marked off what was done recently.

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  • Day 1 - Junk Drawer (DONE)
  • Day 2 - Computer Desk (DONE)
  • Day 3 - Tupperware Cabinet (This is still clean from the last time!  Yay!)
  • Day 4 - Linen Closet -this one is scary.  Need to redo it soon.
  • Day 5 - Under kitchen sink (Still clean!)
  • Day 6 - Dresser Drawers (Still clean!)
  • Day 7 - The Pantry (I got a label maker for my bday.  Slightly obsessed. Not 100% but still good!)
  • Day 8 - Coat Closet (Need to redo)
  • Day 9 - Toy organization (Going great!  I have thrown away, boxed up and organized.  Still not done, but getting there)
  • Day 10 - Laundry Room (Did this a few months ago, but need to upkeep)
  • Day 11 - The Freezer (still need...
  • Day 12 - Spice Cabinet (looks great.  haven't needed to do anything here)
  • Day 13 - Medicine Cabinet (This one is also the linen closet.)
  • Day 14 - Under bathroom sink (Clean)
  • Day 15 - Medicine/Vitamin Storage (See #13)
  • Day 16 - The Fridge (ick)
  • Day 17 - The Mail (daily process..going fine)
  • Day 18 - Keepsakes (
  • Day 19 - Master Closet (redone over and over monthly)
  • Day 20 - Photos (right.....)
  • Day 21 - You pick!
  • Thursday, May 24, 2012

    The Potty Train

    Wow.  It has been a few long days around here.  Not extremely difficult, just long.  I think that is how most moms feel when their child is potty training.  I will say that the method I used worked.  It was very similar to the one I did with Livi (although she got it in about a day..with 100% by day #3). 

    We are on day #4 and Mac has done awesome.  He is basically done.  He still mostly goes in the portable potty, but we are working on the bigger toilet too. 

    I will say that that first night he woke up 100% dry.  It was a miracle!  The next night we gave him watermelon after dinner...and that was a big no-no!  Our kids don't hold watermelon in very well.  Mac wet twice that night. 

    This morning he woke up after 12 hours and had just wet, but I blame that mostly on me, since I should have woken him up instead of relaxing on the couch.  I won't make that mistake tomorrow.

    What did I do?  There is an eBook written by Lora Jensen.  You potty train your child in 3 days.  It really does work.  (

    Let me know if you need help or suggestions. 

    This is something I would LOVE to eventually invest in for my boys:

    Saturday, May 5, 2012

    Summer Bucket List

    Summer is right around the corner. Do you have a "summer bucket list"? Here is a list of some fun things to add to your summer fun. **Thanks Kiera**

    Picking and choosing from that list above will add to what we already have:

    -family reunion in South Carolina
    -swim lessons
    -Amish Country
    -temple trip
    -Library Reading Program
    -Lake Farm Park
    -Memphis Kiddie Park
    -Preston’s HOPE Park
    -Huntington Beach
    -Westside Market
    -Minor League Baseball Game

    It’s going to be a fun (and probably HOT) summer!