Thursday, November 3, 2011

Challenge #5: Under the sink

I finished under the sink in about 2 seconds.  It wasn't very dirty, not too much stuff. 
Here's the before:

And the after:

Challenge #6:  Dresser Drawers (yikes!)
This is directly from A Bowl Full of Lemons Blog:
"The primary purpose is to purge what you no longer need, making space for the "new, trendy you".
You get to go through all of you clothes, weeding out the ones that you no longer wear, ones that don't flatter you, if you bought them when you were in high school, aka... "out of style pieces" or any that just doesn't fit anymore. Those will go in your donation box. ONLY KEEP WHAT FITS YOU NOW! I hope we can inspire each other to get our clothing neatly in order!

Her challenge for us

1. Take a "before" picture of the contents of your dresser, exactly as it is now. (We don't have to see the booty drawer, if you dont feel comfy about it!) If you dont have a dresser, find a set of "drawers" somewhere in the house.
2. Now, empty it all onto your bed.
3. Get your 3 boxes (keep, toss, donate) and start separating. Try them on if you have to.
4. Okay, now neatly fold all of the clothes and put them back in an organized fashion.
5. While you are at it, you can clear the clutter on the top of your dresser too... in the same fashion as the clothing sort. Remove everything, give it a good cleaning, and toss what you don't need on there.
5. Easy,peasy... Your done! It was a simple challenge, but gives a great feeling of satisfaction that it was done! Take your "after" picture and come back & share with us!

*This is going to be a tricky one for me!  Hopefully I can get it done, but I also have a 'dresser' in my closet.  Should be easy and may take more than a day to finish.

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