Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pinterest in November...for December?

Yes, that's right.  Since we have already planned the rest of November (basically), we are going to start planning for Christmas. 

Pinterest to the rescue.  So much stuff, so little time!  It's not just the family gifts, but the neighbors and friends and the AMISH bread. (Oh my goodness!)  PLUS, there is some updating of our own decor...sheesh!

So here we go!

Gifts for the family:
Need to remember a birthday? 
This gift is great for Moms.  Grandmas.  Husbands.  Not their style?  Come up with something that fits them and their home.
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via the idea door

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

Therapy Sacs: sooo nice!  You could whip a bunch of them up in no time. 
or you can go HERE
I am not 100% sure what fabric is best, BUT here is a link if you are concerned with flammability.

Homemade lip gloss. What grown woman little girl wouldn't LOVE these?

found here

We do Amish Bread.  Yummy, delicious, awesome Amish Friendship Bread.  Give me a few weeks days and I'll get the recipe up.  You will seriously thank me.

Snowmen kits
We got one of these last year and it was awesome!

Cookies in a Jar:
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Munchy Crunchy Goodness

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via littlepumpkingrace


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sometimes bigger IS BETTER:
via Twig and Thistle

Other ideas?


Ellis Family said...

What is in the snowman kit? It looks so cute!

Katie said...

We received this a few years ago. There was a hat, a scarf, a fake carrot, nose, etc. ADORABLE!