Sunday, May 22, 2011

Keep it clean!

Having children is like having a daily tornado in my home. I am not quite sure how others' keep up with the mess. I am not a wonderful maid, never have and I figure I probably never will be, BUT there are a few things that I am {trying} to instill in my children:

1.) Everything has its place.
{Shoes belong in the closet, books in the shelves, clothes either HANGING up in the closet or
folded in the dresser, etc.}
2.) Make your bed. It does wonders to transform the look of your room. It doesn't take very
long and usually it pushes {me} to make sure the rest of the room is clean(er).
3.) LAUNDRY. Whew. This one is a doozy...and for our home, it SHOULDN'T be! We have a
centrally located laundry shoot. No more than 12 inches feet from the kids doors, BUT it
never seems to fail that it doesn't always make it there.

These aren't extremely hard things to do, but I think having consistency is a huge thing to make these things an everyday thing.

What are some things that you do?

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