Tuesday, May 31, 2011

simple crafts

My son is 2. Nothing keeps him entertained for long. I have found that crafts are a great idea as long as they are short and sweet and to the point. Here are a few toddler crafts that will take up a good chunk of time and they have something to show off when they are done.

Rice shaker: old paper towel tube, rice wax paper to cover the end. Some tape, and a 12x12 piece of white paper the kids can draw on.

Wrap one end with double thick wax paper. Tape it to the tube. Pour in some rice or popcorn kernels, secure the other end with wax paper and tape. Wrap the tube in the 12/x12 piece of paper that the kiddos decorated and tape it on. Shake away.
Painting: Go to JoAnns, buy a small wooden birdhouse for $1.29. Buy some water-based Acrylic paint. Paint away, kid...paint away.

The dunce cap (or party hat): piece of 12x12 paper, stapler or tape, and crayons. Let the kids color the paper. Wrap it into a cone. Cut and staple (or tape) as needed.

My son LOVES wearing this silly hat.

The best part of all of these crafts is they are geared for the little ones. They take miminal planning and minimal mess (my favorite part). Plus, the kids LOVE that they have created something.

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