Monday, May 30, 2011

Christmas Topiary

Christmas Topiary

Supplies Needed: Topiary Styrofoam Cone, Christmas ornaments of varying sizes and colors, hot glue gun, and candle stick holder. (All of my supplies were found at JoAnns).

Some of the balls were just plain round.

The ones that come in a bunch with wire stems are the best because you can just stick them in the foam without using a glue gun. I used these as fillers to cover up any white space.

Some ornaments were shiny others were glittery. I used 4-5 coordinating colors to add variety and dimension.

I started at the bottom and did the first row using all the different ornaments. I glued them all to the cone to help secure them in place--do this even if they look like they would stay on their own--trust me!

Tip: To avoid any left over white space you can paint the cone a corresponding color before you begin.

Work your way up to the top of the cone and when you are done use the smaller ornaments to fill in the blank spaces between the balls.

Glue the Topiary to an old candle stick.

Allow yourself 3-4 hours for the entire project (depending on the size of the cone and the type of ornaments you purchase. It's well worth the effort! Have Fun!


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