Monday, May 16, 2011

Good alternatives to the expensive stores

I have long-loved Gymboree and Gap. They have some adorable and cute clothes, but sometimes their prices can be a bit overwhelming. And let me speak from kids grow too fast to have them always in such high-end things. {p.s. I love outlets!}

Here are some other options for kids:

Walmart: Not going to lie here. I have found some GREAT clothes for the kids here. They aren't the highest-quality, but they definitely work for my boys. We got Spencer some muscle shirts here this weekend. Great way to start the summer! :) If your kids are going to be romping around in the mud and dirt, why not?
Target: Love their clothes. We start here when school starts. They usually have some cute clothes and of course their prices can't be beat.
Crazy8: WE LOVE THIS STORE. It is part of the Gymboree/JANIE and JACK Family, but at a much lower price point. We got our Easter outfits here...and the price was perfect!
Old Navy: We have found that the little kids' clothes are cuter/more modest than the older kids, BUT that doesn't mean that we can't modify them. Good price point.

And as always, department stores haves some great clothes for the kids at not-too-horrible prices:

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stevie kay said...

I like to buy clothing lots from other sellers. I look through craigslist and local college online classified sites and find someone selling their children's old clothing. I have only had one bad experience this way, the rest of the time the clothes were clean, name brand, and usually bought for less than a dollar a piece.