Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Diastasis recti

Having children is one of life's greatest gifts. {I wouldn't include pregnancy in this, but it's a necessary evil!!} Along with having children, comes the joys of motherhood: sleepless nights, nursing issues, infertility, etc. It's can be plain hard.
Add to that mix: your body. Out-of-shape {for the majority of us}, a body that doesn't function the same; a broken body.
After baby #1 I had a lower pudge. It didn't seem like it ever went away. I know that part of it was genetics, part was having a baby and most of it was me.
After #2, that lower belly grew a bit. It wasn't too bad, but it was still there.
After #3, I knew that my stomach was shot. It wasn't hard to see. I was about 25 lbs over what I was post #2, and it was bad.
Then one day, I was leaning back in the shower to rinse my hair..and I noticed a bulge down the middle of my stomach. It was weird. Almost like something was trying to push out.
I showed it to my husband and he didn't seem overly concerned, but it weirded him out a bit. Then I went online to start researching it. And researching it. And researching it. I found a name for it: Diastasis recti. The separating of the ab muscles.
It's generally pretty normal in pregnancies. Especially if you are short-waisted and the baby can only grow out {me}. What "normally" happens after pregnancy is that your abs go back together, unless..well, they don't.
There are ways to figure out if you have it: diastasis recti info. I did it and I was about 3-4 finger lengths wide.
Fast forward a few days: I figured that the exercises I was doing were actually making it WORSE! So, I stopped sit-ups, etc. I also thought that I would make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. I wanted to know all of my options. After thinking about this, I asked Luke to come over and double check that I wasn't dreaming and that my fingers really did sink in.
He was HORRIFIED! He couldn't believe it. I could've talked.talked.talked about it all day long, but for him to check himself? He was a believer.
Anyway, long story short. Going to get a tummy tuck isn't an option right now. It might be necessary down the road after children, but let's be honest...I don't have $$ to do it right now and if/when we have more kids=I would have to have another surgery=more $$.
Other options? Julie Tupler's technique. Support sites like: Raising Arrows and Beautiful after the Belly and Linsay Brin. They have all been a guiding light.

Are there post-partum things that you are worried about?

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