Friday, June 17, 2011

Rent the Runway

Have you heard of this awesome site?!?

Being Mormon I sometimes have a hard time finding elegant FORMAL attire for work parties, weddings, holiday events, etc. I feel like most dresses that are modest are also made out of NOT "formal" fabric--cottons, linens, etc. I need SILK and SATIN, people!


They are designer dresses that you rent ($50-$200). You pick the dress, you pick your size (they will send you a back-up size for free), and they will mail it to you in time for your special occasion.

Now, just beware, most of the dresses are NOT modest, but I have always been able to find between 15-20 dresses that ARE modest and totally appropriate for special occasions. Plus, nothing makes me feel better than knowing I'm wearing a $1000 Badgley Mischka dress that I paid $50 to rent for the weekend! haha!

so, get a free account at

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Luke and Katie said...

It was really fun going to this site and playing around! Thanks Kiera!