Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Mosquitoes suck. Quite literally. I know this is a family friendly blog, but seriously. Enough is enough.

Many of you experienced an enormous amount of rain over the past few months. We had record fall here. And let me say: I love rain. I really do, but between having our basement flooding and a swamp-like backyard, I was ready for it to be over!

The past week has seen a majority of sun. It has been so nice that we were finally able to put our trampoline up (2 months after we promised!!). Enter the villains.

While setting the tramp up, we were bit no less that 10 times. WITH repellent on! Our kind neighbor even came by and used a store bought 'fogger', but to no avail. It was a lost cause.

Now, we all know that the bites are annoying. and they itch. So what can you do?

1.) Repellent.  Not only is this important, but it is important that you use the RIGHT ONE!   I don’t respond well to low Deet repellent.  The ‘squitoes still love me. 

The most effective one I have read about is OFF! Deep Woods.

It will last about 5 hours on average..but isn't very safe for kids. Too much deet.

Instead try this one for the kids:

off! skintastic

We use this one and it has been great.  It smells good and like it says, it’s smooth and dry.  It isn’t sticky and I like that.  It was even in the top 4 picks of consumersearch

*Children under 2 should avoid most repellents. 

2.) Avoid the pests.  Alright, so this one is wishful thinking, BUT do try some of these:

  • Water.  Make sure there isn’t any standing water. It can quickly become a party for them!  (even those baby pools can become an issue)
  • Fragrance FREE.  Yes, this includes deodorants, perfume, lotions, etc.  Personally I am not going to stop using them, but I’ll be cutting down before I venture outside.
  • Rub garlic on you.  Blah!  I love EATING garlic, but rubbing it on your body?  Not only are you going to be successful in keeping the bugs away, but you are also going to alienate yourself from your family, friends, anything and anyone with a nose.  BUT, it is worth a try!  Winking smile
  • Plant.  There are some plants that help repel mosquitos.  Here are a few:  basil, marigolds & rosemary.

3.) Citronella.  This has been proven to help.  Light a few torches or candles and even rub a bit on yourself.  (Be careful of allergic reactions)

Other ideas:  bug zapper. 

**If any of you know about safe foggers or how to control a backyard, send them MY WAY!

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The McLane Blog Page: said...

good to know. Mosquitoes have never liked me so I never think about the bug spray, but poor Josh and Benson get eaten alive...