Wednesday, June 15, 2011

knot necklace

Knot Necklace

One of the cutest yet simplest crafts I've ever done. Supplies Needed: Remnant fabric (any kind that isn't too stiff), craft balls (I used 3/4 inch) pins, and sewing machine. Optional: dowel and Velcro

First, cut a strip of fabric 4-5 inches wide (depending on the size balls you want to use). My fabric was 45 inches long. It created a finished product that used 11 craft balls, 12 knots, and was 24 inches long.

After cutting the fabric, pin wrong sides together (the full length of the fabric), and sew down the length of the fabric.

Tip: After sewing the fabric. I sewed one end shut (It just looks better-it doesn't serve a purpose).

Next, turn the fabric right side out. I used a 45 inch long dowel to push the fabric through.

Once the fabric is turned the right way, knot one of the ends--leaving about 3-4 inches of fabric.

Then drop a craft ball in.

Next, tie a knot on the other side of the ball.

Repeat until you run out of space (you have about 3-4 inches left of fabric). Knot the end.

I didn't have enough fabric to just tie the ends so I sewed a small piece of Velcro to the ends to hold it together.

Instant cute necklace! Takes all of 10-15 mins.



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