Thursday, June 9, 2011

recycling broken crayons

Recycled Crayons

Have you all seen the books that Family Fun puts out? If you sign up for a two year magazine subscription they send you books about crafts, party ideas, cakes, etc. They are awesome! Anyways, I got the idea for recycling broken crayons from their book.

My son has a tendency to break crayons while he's coloring. He's just very intense:) So, rather than throw the broken pieces away I save them and then recycle them.

Supplies needed: aluminum foil, borken crayons, and some cookie cutters OR tuna can tins.
First, wrap the bottom of the cookie cutters with aluminum foil.

Tip: If you are using tuna can tins then you don't need aluminum foil. You can just put the crayons right in the can.
Here they are wrapped.

Next, unwrap the crayons from the paper.

Then put the crayons into the molds. Fill about 1/2 full.

Put the molds into the oven at 300 degrees for 5-7mins.

Tip: watch the crayons. They melt fast. You don't want them you melt completely into one color!

When you're done, let them cool in the molds for about 30 minutes.

When they are cooled--pop them out of the moldings. Be patient or they will break apart--like mine did. oops!

Tip: The side that face the aluminum foil will be more colorful.

Color away!



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