Thursday, June 2, 2011

Choose your own adventure

I don't know if this constitues a craft, but it was a fun activity for our family. It's also a great way to mark some "chores" off the eternal list while making it seem fun :) (good Mommy trick).

"Choose your own Adventure"


30 activities split into a blue group and a purple group

Had to at least start the activity within 2 hours of picking it

The card will tell the picker what color to choose next.

One week to complete all of the activities.

Here are a sampling of possible activities:

Play tennis
Homemade pizzas
Hang out with friends
Register at Baby's R Us (we are pregnant as the time)

Go to the Dollar Store and buy silly gifts for each other (limit was $5 each)
Chores around the house
Rearrangeguest room
Make two Halloween crafts
Make Halloween suckers for friends

Go to Godwill and buy silly stuff (limit was $10 each)
Go eat a sweet treat

Get the oil changed in both cars and get them washed
TAke a drive as a family (no particular destination required)
Listen to a lecture on campus (we were in college at the time)
Buy two cute baby outfits for our little guy
Do Family History Indexing
Go to the Public Library and check out a couple of books
Read for fun for a couple hours--no school books allowed
Catch up on School Stuff
Rearrange/Clean craft room
Buy a fish
Take a hike
Going swimming
Have a Mexican Food Night
Go bowling
Make Carmel Apples
Going to the Drive-In
"You Pick" activity--come up with an activity on the spot

Make a craft



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