Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day is quickly approaching and I'll be honest-I have a really hard time trying to find that perfect gift for the men in our lives.  So this year I'm doing things a little bit different.  I'm having each of my kids give him a gift to "do" together.  For example, my son loves baseball so he is giving his dad baseball tickets to go see their favorite team-the Arizona Diamondbacks-together!  My youngest daughter loves icecream so I'm getting a gift card to Dairy Queen for her to give to him.  All these gifts allow for a special "Dad date" for each of the kids-all doing things that Dad likes to do with them!  I'm hoping this will be a fun tradition in the future.  I'm also going to wait and see if there is anything in particular that he wants and if there is I'll just get it for him from me!

I have a big collection of birthday decorations that I just pull out every time we have a birthday to celebrate and I decided that I also wanted to do that with some good Father's Day decorations.  There are so many great ideas out there on the web right now so here are a few of my favorites and the links that they go to.

I loved these little tie box printables and they were so simple to make.  I did mine in round vases that I bought at the $1.  Can't beat a dollar!  Plus they're irrestistable with the fun snacks inside!

I've seen this quote all over the place this year and wanted to do something with it.  I happen to have a block of wood so I just drilled three small holes into it and twisted some wire to make picture holders.  Then you can put up however many pictures of your man and kids that you'd like!  My husband isn't big on the frilly stuff so all of my decorations had to be pretty simple.  You could easily dress this up with some scrapbook paper and modpodge or even some ribbon and stuff.  Mine just has the black vinyl.  I'm going to add a coat of finish to it just to protect it, but thats it!
The last thing that I made was an "Our Dad Rocks" jar.  I saw this somewhere recently but I can't remember for the life of me where, so the idea is not mine.  But I thought it was too cute and TOO SIMPLE that I had to make it.  I just rinsed out an old pickle jar and cut out the vinyl on my Silhouette and then you're done!  I had the girls go out back and find some rocks to fill it!

I hope that gives some fun, easy, inexpensive ideas to help celebrate Father's Day with your wonderful men out there!  Happy Father's Day!

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The McLane Blog Page: said...

so I did the jar with the tie for JOsh on Father's day. It turned out great! Thanks for the idea!