Saturday, June 11, 2011


Here is a scenario:

You buy something from the store, say a light fixture. You get it home and take it out of the packaging and put it up. A few months pass..and you see that it is broken. It is NOT your error, but the manufacturer's. You go to return it, but you don't have a receipt.

Is it ethical to go buy another one (the exact same light fixture) and then return the broken one using the 2nd receipt? (And yes, you disclose that it is broken)

BTW, this is an actual scenario. Two light fixtures were bought. One of the bases had a crack, so it was exchanged. A few months pass and the OTHER light fixture has a huge crack in it (that wasn't noticed IS on the ceiling). This is not error of the consumer, but of the manufacturer.  Ethical?  Or not?

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Kiera said...

That's a toughy. I've neverheard of anyone doing that before, but I would say it's probably not that ethical. I would just take back both light fixtures and show that there is a problem with them getting cracks in them. It's not very likely that you put holes in BOTH fixtures. They should believe you.