Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pinned it. Tried it: Yummy and goodness!

Last week I made these for a Sunday treat. 

I decided that instead of dipping them in regular chocolate, I'd try it with this:
Pinned Image
Magic Shells just seemed like it would be the easiest and it sure was easy, just wasn't the right taste.  I used milk chocolate chips and it was just too sweet. 

For the Superbowl I melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and it tasted much better.  The dip was MUCH thicker than I would have liked (note to self:  make the magic shell with semi-sweet choc. chip)

They were a hit!  Both times.  So, so good...just make sure that you have a whole lot of people, so you don't eat them all.  (Makes about 40)

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