Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Modesty Matters

One thing that I do not like about summer is the amount of skin that is exposed. It really does frustrate me. There are some people that just should not be flaunting their bodies, even though they make me feel better about mine. But I feel that I even get more frustrated with the people that look amazing wearing very little clothing. I do not appreciate the fact that they leave little to the imagination and that my husband and four sons have to be exposed to their almost-naked bodies. I feel that string bikinis can be the worse and that much nudity should only be seen by one's spouse.
I have been fortunate that without much emphasis by me, my boys recognize and dislike immodesty. My four year-old will always point out to me a person (whether on TV or in person) that is being immodest. Going through Dick's Sporting Good store with my seven year-old is a riot as he slaps away the pictures and advertisements of immodest pictures, most of which show girls wearing sports bras and running shorts.
The other day I pulled behind a small gang of motorcyclist. On the back of a few were some women wearing typical summer clothing. My six year-old saw this and exclaimed, "They're riding their motorcycles to the beach!" He had assumed that their clothing was actually swimwear. I just hope that my boys can keep up their determination of avoiding immodesty and keep their innocence.
What do you do to teach your children about modesty and to avoid looking at pictures or people that are not being modest?

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