Saturday, July 9, 2011

How do you protect your children?

This Hot Topic isn't about shielding and hiding your children from the world. This post is about options and ideas.

What are some things that you can do to help protect your children from the world?
How do you guide them?


Laura said...

I think something so important that I hope to teach my children is to recognize the presence and absence of the spirit. If they recognize that now, they should be able to recognize it later in life as things in the world just get harder to differentiate from good and evil! It's too hard to shield them from the evil that is gaining prevalence and coming from every angle, they are bound to have to face it at one point or another.

I also think that teaching them that they can always depend on the Savior to help through discouragement and trials. So they know they always have someone to turn to, even when Mom or Dad are not there.

Scott & Abbylynn Payne said...

Keep your children invovled in something they loved surrounded by good people. :) Like music, dancing, sports (this can be tricky sometimes depending on the kids invovled in the sport at school), debate, drama, etc. If kids are invovled they don't have time to get invovled with bad activities. Also, help them learn to love the home. Much easier to protect your child when they are at home with you. Plus they learn to love being home with the family and will be more likely to develop deeper reltionships with the people most important in their lives. Their family! :)
One last note, make sure to have frequenst visits about what you child is up to lately. Show them you care, in a way that shows them you won't blow up if the did happen to do something bad.
I will admit that I don't have children yet, but these are things that I want to do with my kids.

Luke and Katie said...

Wow. These are such GREAT ideas! Thank you. Let me add a few that I have been thinking about:
-Your home. Make it a place that the kids want to bring their friends home to. Have your house be "the house"
-Have FHE. The kids seem to really respond great to this
-Teach them personal prayer. We do family prayer every night, but have them do their own personal prayer has been great. They are able to talk to their Heavenly Father and really tell Him things they wouldn't normal want to tell us.