Monday, July 18, 2011

The 20 hour trip

Ideas needed. Please pass this post on...

We have a few 20 +/- hour car trips coming our way. Suggestions on what to do to keep children ages 7,5,2 entertained?

I am sure that the 7 year old will be reading most of the way. The 5 year old will be watching movies. But the 2 year old? I've got nothing.

He enjoys watching some movies, but not for very long periods of time. He loves eating, so that's an option..but I want him to fit in to his clothes by the time we reach our destination.

Here are some other ideas I have read about:

1.) books on tape.
2.) Coloring books and crayons
3.) Dollar Store random gifts. Wrap and give every few hundred miles.
4.) Here are some ideas I found for an airplane trip:
Lace-up cards or cotton reels
Dress up doll
Finger puppets
Small toy cars, diggers, planes
Bendy dolls or stretchy aliens
Wind-up walking toys.

Any other ideas/suggestions?


Laura said...

My mother in law said that she used to have little toys/activities/games (I would say from the dollar store) that she would buy. She would bust them out when the kids got bored or maybe when they were being extra good. Who doesn't love a new toy?

The McLane Blog Page: said...

something we did with Benson when we drove from California to Illinois in May---we had him find all of the semi-trucks and tell us the color of the cabs. Then we started looking for certain colored semis. We had a ton of books for him, and he made sure he was well fed because then he was just generally in a better mood. WE also had my iPhone which has Alphbet tracing, stoires, coloring, and pictures on it for him to look at.

Trapper and Suzy said...

These are great ideas! And I'm going to be needing these ideas for the move out to Utah. I like the Dollar Store idea. They get bored quickly, and I only have so many kid movies. Thanks for the ideas, Katie!

stevie kay said...

Ipods/iphones/ipads work wonders. I just read in family fun to wrap the random toys from the dollar store in aluminum foil so the kids can make sculptures out of it. Bring along a timer so when the kids start getting really, really antsy, set it for ten minutes and when it goes off, get off at the next stop whether there's anything to do there or not. Let the kids get out and run, jump, whatever for another ten minutes, then back in the car. When we went to California we always had an adult in back (if you have enough seats) and that seemed to help tremendously. Since you don't have an extra adult, maybe just going back at times that you know will be harder.