Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting ready for school III

The morning.

I have found that the morning can be a bit crazy. That's with 1 daughter that gets herself ready. Yeah, she's that good!

But, now that I am going to have 2 that get on the bus at the same time, I have had to be a bit better about getting things ready the night before.

All clothes laid out.
Bath time.
Breakfast. (either have the bowls and spoons laid out or have the pancake/waffles mixed up and ready to be made). Also, I have thought about making some egg mcmuffins and then freeze and having them ready to pop in the microwave. Remember that if you are making pancakes/waffles it'll take a good 5-7 minutes for the griddle to get good and hot. Something that I didn't take in to account this morning....

Because the clothes are laid out the night before, I am able to think ahead to what I'll do with my daughter's hair.

The BIGGEST thing is to be prepared and to have things ready before you go to bed.

What are some things that you have to do the night before, so the morning runs smoothly?

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