Thursday, April 10, 2008

Salsa Omelets

Salsa Omelet -
South Beach Diet Recipe (Phase 1)

(Add as much or as little of these items as you want I don't use a certain amount)
low fat ham
green peppers (chopped)
onion (chopped)
1 slice low fat cheese
2 eggs

Take ham, onion, green peppers, & mushrooms and cook in a frying pan with a little water. After everything is cooked enough for your tastes put them on a plate. Take 2 eggs (or egg beaters whichever you prefer) and scramble in a bowl with a little water. Then spray pan with butter flavored spray and put in eggs. Spread to fit bottom of pan then cover it cooking on low heat. When eggs seem completely cooked, put cooked veggies on one side of the flattened egg, place half a slice of the cheese on top. Let it melt a little (you can put the cover back on so it will melt faster or just leave it there for a few minutes. Then take a little salsa and spread on top of the cheese. Fold the side of the egg that has nothing on it over top of the veggies and cheese, then put the other half of the slice of cheese on top of the omelet. Take out of the frying pan and top with a little more salsa.

*I have eaten these and they are pretty stinkin' good. I just omitted what I didn't want: ie muschrooms)

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