Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween, Good intentions and Planning

A little over 3 weeks away is one of my favorite holidays:  Halloween. 
To me, it marks the beginning of the other amazing holidays like Columbus Day and Veterans day and Thanksgiving and Christmas.  (I had to include the first 2 because Luke gets them off! :)

Anyway, over the years I have wanted our family to dress up in a theme.  One year we were all punk rockers, down to the cat collars.  Livi.was.adorable with her hair spray painted purple and her collar.  I can't find a picture, so you get to see a picture of her dressed up for another party that year.

2005:  We dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, the Grandmother, and the Big Bad Wolf Grandma.  We won first prize at our ward party.  It was awesome.

The next year,2006, we had S and they dressed as a pumpkin patch.  It was a costume bought at Target and I thought I was a failure.  We had moved to a new state and I was taking care of two kids and just wasn't up to it.  Not creative, but effective.

2008:  I was a bit more creative with S.  He was the Chik-fil-a cow "Eat mor chikin"  My somewhat creative streak was back...poor Livi.  She dressed up as an angel.  She LOVED it. And let's be honest, she was perfect in that costume.  Between the blonde hair, blue eyes..she glowed a bit. 

2009:  Although not creative, cute:  Pirates

2010:  Reusing a costume.  Not an issue since we moved to a different state!  :)  Always a cute one.

I figure not having them all matching (Darth Vader, Fairy & Cow) was ok since they had a great time.

After Halloween was over, I bought about 8 costumes on the 75-90% off rack. (Very picked through, so mostly just boys stuff)  They were about $1-3/piece.  SCORE!  I just made sure that I bought a size bigger for the next year.

2011:  I figure that it doesn't matter what they are or where I bought the outfit, as long as they enjoy it.  Alright, who am I kidding?  I wanted us all to be the Incredibles this year, but was a little nervous to don the spandex!  :)

Also, we got a Halloween magazine in the mail and I had the kids go through and circle the top 4 costumes they wanted to be.

How to plan for Halloween:
1.) When the kids are old enough, ask them what they want.  If you really have a 'theme' in mind, try and see if they will do it.  Or at least have them wear something different from school vs. trunk-or-treat vs. actual trick-or-treating.  Sound like a bit much?  It might be, but to keep everyone happy, it's something to look in to.
2.)  After Halloween is over, go back to Target and Walmart.  They have some killer deals.  We have been doing this for the past several years and it's great.  That way, you can mix and match outfits if needs be.
3.)  If you are one of those die-hard themers plan ahead! 

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